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Date : Dec-05-16


The Michigan Department of Human Services (DHS) is Michigan's public assistance, child and family welfare agency. DHS directs the operations of public assistance and service programs through a network of over 100 county departments of human service offices around the State of Michigan.

EGrAMS is an Electronic Grants Administration & Management System to aid users in the grants process. To access the EGrAMS application, you should have a valid EGrAMS User Id. The options in the left pane of the home page do not require a valid EGrAMS User Id. Move the mouse over the options to view additional details for each option.

If you have any problem accessing the application, please contact your Contract Manager (for Title IV-D - Maureen Spoelman or Debra Lynn Walker; for Title IV-E - Lewis Roubal).  Please be prepared with your organization's name, location, and contact information, the grant for which you are applying, and the department from whom you are requesting the grant.